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Welcome to
John F. Horgan School
Robert Desrosiers, Principal
124 Providence St.
West Warwick, RI 02893
Voice: 401.822.8450
Fax: 401.822.8475
Please see the attachment from Superintendent Tarasevich regarding Mrs. Peluso's resignation 

The Mission of John F. Horgan Elementary School , in cooperation with parents and the community, is to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for our diverse student population where all students are given the opportunity to achieve their personal best, learn respect for themselves and others, and become well equipped to function as responsible contributors to the community.

Statement of Beliefs

• Every member of the John F. Horgan School Community can learn;

• Confidence and effective effort lead to school success;

• Diversity is celebrated and is a positive addition to the community culture;

• Respect for self, others, the community, and society are essential for success;

• Every child has unique talents and skills;

• School attendance is a critical factor in determining a student's school success; and

• Parent involvement strongly contributes to the success of the student.

School Goals

Goal # 1:  To increase the number of students meeting and exceeding Statewide Assessment Targets in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, and Writing by 3% while decreasing the number of students at the lowest non-proficient level in the assessments by 5% yearly.

Goal # 2:  To create a safe, orderly, and personalized learning environment through the establishment of high expectations which are fully communicated to students; a high achievement focus; and engaged, energized teachers.

Goal # 3:  To increase communications with parents and to strengthen the home/school partnership in an effort to produce high achievement, performance, and positive adjustment in all students.